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BAKFlip F1 : Detailed Features
Technical Specs of BakFlip F1 Tonneau Cover
Panel exterior: Aluminum underside FRP Fiberglass top
Panel core: EPS (insulated) 3.5 lb. density
Panel frames: Aircraft grade aluminum / black powder coat
Finish: Hair cell texture
Thickness: 1/2 inch (OD)
Hinge: Flush style corrosion proof EPDM rubber
Weight rating: 400 LBS. - evenly distributed
Size of box: 68x23x8 (inches)
Weight of box: 55 LBS
Install tools: 1 x 15mm wrench
Maintenance: Wash normally with soap and water / 3M formula 303 UV protection.  Never use wax or any type of product that contains wax on your cover!.
Warranty: 3 year
Rubber trim:     Upgraded scuff protectant
Handles: Upgraded injection molded 
The BAKFlip F1 cover looks very similar to the BAKFlip G2 (Generation 2) and HD Model and it operates identically like all of our BAKFlip Models.   The differences between the covers are:
The BAKFlip F1® Tonneau Cover / Truck Bed Cover has all of the great good looks and functionality of the BAKFlip G2 (Generation 2) Model but in a Heavy Duty / OEM (Factory) Quality version as this cover's outer surfaces are Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)!  However, the core of the BAKFlip F1 Tonneau Cover / Truck Bed Cover is 35% more dense, and is much more rigid then the G2.  The BAKFlip F1 opens, closes, and operates identically to the BAKFlip G2 Model, however the BAKFlip F1 has the following refinements: 
  • The BAKFlip F1 has textured Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) on the outer panels.  These panels are UV protected to prevent fading, warping, cracking.
  • The BAKFlip F1 has tough textured aluminum surfaces on the underside panels.  These surfaces have a double coat of epoxy primer that is baked on at 460 degrees.  This process is done twice (2 coats of primer) before the final coating is applied.  Once the two coats of primer has set, an extraordinarily tough and scratch-resistant polyester based coating is used as the final finishing coat (which gives the look of a tough, baked on enamel, but is much higher quality).  This coating process ensures that the covers is both scratch and UV resistant.
  • The BAKFlip F1's core is 35% more dense than the BAKFlip G2.  As a result, the BAKFlip F1 handles approximately 35% more distributed weight when compared to the G2.  The F1 is more rigid then the G2. 
  • Quality and Rigidity Standards Endorsed by OEM - The BAKFlip F1® is an Original Equipment Part for one of the Big 3 Automakers
  • 2 year warranty for the BAKFlip F1 vs. 1 year warranty for the BAKFlip G2.
  • Powder coated pivoting arms are provided on the F1  -  (G2 has zinc plated)
  • Integrated tie down points underneath and on top of the cover (“D” Rings placed at strategic points under the cover).
  • For an extra $250...you get the absolute best product for your truck with the BAKFlip F1 

BEST  - BAKFlip F1® Model – More in line with the fit, finish, and features of a factory installed cover
® Model – More in line with an aftermarket installation, and has a lower price point
BEST PLUS - BAKFlip CS® - Incorporates the BEST cover (BAKFlip F1®) PLUS an integrated sliding utility rack

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