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BAKFlip Tonneau
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BAKFlip Tonneau Covers: Frequently Asked Questions

All BAKFlip Covers install and function identically!  The primary difference from one model to the other is cover thickness, and surface material. 

Click Here to see The BAKFlip Tonneau Cover Open and Close!
(short demo video on YouTube).  For More Details see Installation Page!


  • Do all of these covers lock and secure the truck bed like a trunk of a car?
    Absolutely! Our cover comes with a Tamper Proof Latching system as there are NO visible locks or keyholes or latches as the cover latches and secures from underneath the cover! This makes the BAKFlip Tonneau Cover one of the most secure tonneau cover on the market. When the cover is closed, and the tailgate is locked, you now have the equivalent of an "Armored Trunk."

  • Can you unlatch the cover from either side?
    Absolutely! You have easy access to "latch pulls" on both the driver's side and passenger side.

  • My truck does not have a factory installed tailgate lock. Will I be able to secure my truck bed with the cover without one?
    No. In order to keep the items secure in the bed of your truck, you need to have a tailgate lock. As long as the tailgate is locked, your cover is completely secured, as no one can open the cover without unlocking the tailgate.

  • When the cover is closed, do I need to open the tailgate to unlock the cover?
    Yes. You will need to open your tailgate to be able to begin unlatching the cover at the last panel.

  • Do the latches that secure the panels latch to both sides of the bed?
    Yes. Panels latch securely to both sides of the bed.

  • Can you unlatch the cover from either side?
    Absolutely! You have access to "latch pulls" on both the driver's side and passenger side.


  • What is the BAKFlip made out of?
    See the BAKFlip Comparison Chart for Details of Construction.

  • How many panels does the cover have?
    That depends on the length of the truck bed. All Beds 69" or shorter has 3 folding panels. All beds longer than 69 inches have 4 folding panels!

  • You say your cover folds thanks to a breakthrough design called "The Living Hinge." What is a "Living Hinge?"

The revolutionary "living hinge" system developed to ensure water resistance. Each living hinge consists of a seamless EPDM flexible rubber covering over rigid aluminum supports. EPDM is the same material used as factory weatherstripping around your car's doors and windshield. The flexibility of this rubber is what allows the cover to fold easily without a traditional hinge design.

  • What is EPDM?
    EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) is a very heavy duty rubber for use in extreme conditions and is used in automotive weather-stripping and seals around windows and doors, radiator, garden and appliance hose, tubing, belts, electrical insulation, roofing membranes etc. It is extremely tough rubber that can withstand high heat, and maintain flexibility for many years to come!

  • What are "Self Backing" Clamps?
    Innovative Self Backing clamps are used to secure the side rails. These low profile clamps allows you to hold the clamp in place with one use the other hand to wield the wrench to tighten the clamp! Only one wrench is needed as the bolt is "self backing" when tightening.

  • What are the mounting rails made out of?
    The rails are extruded from aircraft quality aluminum and then powder coated for unmatched durability. The exposed surfaces of the rails are 100% powder coated.

  • Is there any protection between the mounting rails and the painted side rails?
    Yes! There is a rigid protective strip underneath the mounting rails so it will never damage the painted or rail surface underneath it.

  • How far does each side rail protrude inside from the rail into the bed of the truck?
    Only 1 inch on each side! This allows plenty of clearance for the use of all bed extenders.

  • Is the surface of the cover smooth or textured?
    The cover has a light texture to it...very similar to the back top step of most truck bumpers, plastic side rails, mirror trim moldings, etc.

  • What color are the covers made in?
    All of our covers come in a beautiful Satin Black color only. As a result, it looks factory installed!

  • How strong are the panels?
    EXTREMELY STRONG! These covers can handle 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight. Snow loads are never a problem.

  • What is the total thickness of the cover when mounted to the bed of the truck?
    At the center of the cover - The cover comes down into the bed approximately 1 1/2 inches total at the latches (approx. 1/2 inch of that is soft rubber bumpers placed on the bottom of the latches). Virtually zero height added to the bed. At the edges where the rubber seal touches the side rails...the thickness of this is negligible (approx. 1/16th inch!)

  • Describe the side profile/low profile of the cover?
    When the cover is completely closed, the cover sits level with the side rails so the cover is completely flat.

  • If I want to completely remove the cover and mounting side rails, how easy is it to remove the cover? Please describe.
    Simply reverse the installation...Remove fastening knobs and then remove cover. Then remove the clamps and rails, and that's it!


  • You say the cover is "Weather Proof"..What does this mean?
    The cover has been designed to ensure no water can penetrate the panels and hinges. The cover also seals nicely at the front end and the tailgate of the truck so no water can enter there, and water simply rolls off the front and rear of the cover with ease. The BAKFlip cover is "level with the bed" so should water ever gather on the cover and be pushed to the any of the edges of the cover, water will simply roll off the cover! Should water try to enter the bed from the sides, it has quite a challenge to make it to the bed. First it has work itself under the side rubber (EPDM) seal. Should any droplets gather would have to work itself over the lip of the mounting rail. Should it ever get that far, it will be automatically caught by the extruded side rail which acts like a small gutter. Water collected in the "gutter" of the side rail is quickly expelled through the tubes at the front of the truck. In all of our is VERY rare that water will ever make beyond the lip of the side rail, and if it does, it is only a couple of drops. However, even if these "couple of drops" make it to that point, they have no chance of getting into the bed as this water is caught by a secondary "gutter" that ensures your bed will remain dry!

  • How many drain hoses are there with this cover?
    There are 2 drain hoses (one on each side at the front of each mounting rail) to ensure the expedient and efficient expulsion of any water collected in the "extruded gutter" of the mounting rails! It is very rare that any water ever gets to the channel in the mounting rail, much less into the tube at the front of the truck.

  • I understand that water is channeled to the front of the truck, where water is expelled through 2 drain hoses. Does water run towards the back of the truck and get into the bed?
    Absolutely not! Water runs along the inner track which acts as a "rain gutter" as well. This track is open ended at the back. This means that if the truck is parked up hill, water is collected in the inner track and drains right at the back edge of the tailgate and runs out of the back of the truck, leaving your cargo area dry. Water ever getting to this "channeled gutter is really rare under any circumstance!(read question above)

  • Question: How does the cover operate in snow, ice, extreme sun and other seasonal extremes?
    The BAKFlip has has superior weather resistance in all types of weather. This cover is extremely durable and it can handle all the Sun, Rain, Snow, Ice, Mother Nature can throw at it.
  • How do you seal the cover at the tailgate? And the front edge?
    The cover overlaps the front edge and the tailgate. Under the cover at both ends, there is a high quality EPDM seal or "sweep" that covers the width of the bed at the tailgate and front of the cover to help seal out water and dust out.


Click Here to see The BAKFlip Open and Close! (short demo video on YouTube). 

For More Details see Installation Page!
  • How does the cover lock?
    Our cover comes with a Tamper Proof Latching system that latches each panel securely on both sides of the truck! There are NO visible locks or keyholes or latches as the cover latches and secures from underneath the cover! This makes the BAKFlip Tonneau Cover one of the most secure tonneau cover on the market. When the cover is closed, and the tailgate is locked, you now have a secure trunk!

  • How does the cover unlatch?
    Answer: Simply open the tailgate, and from either the driver's side or the passenger side, gently pull the spring loaded latch release and the latch will release for that panel. Fold the panel forward and repeat with the next panel, and the next panel...until all panels are unlatched and folded up towards the cab of the truck.

  • Can I travel with all panels open and folded up against the back window (cab) of the truck?
    Absolutely! The locking arms will hold the cover in place up against the back of your cab, and you can safely travel with it in this position. An added benefit is that the cover protects the back of your truck and glass from the cargo in your bed that you are carrying!

  • Can I use this cover with my 5th wheel or Gooseneck Trailer!
    Absolutely! This was designed to work best when pulling 5th Wheel Trailers as many of our customers pull them. When you don't have your 5th wheel connected, your truck bed is as secure as a trunk with easy access to all areas of your truck bed. However, when you want to hook up the fifth wheel, you simply fold the cover up all the way up and against the rear cab (window) of the truck. Hook up your 5th wheel or Gooseneck trailer and you are ready to go! Once you get where you are going and disconnect the trailer, unfold the cover and return to the fully closed position and you have a secure trunk again.

  • Can I travel with 1 panel open? / Can I travel with the cover partially open?
    With the New BAKFlip G2 Cover, you can now secure your cover in the "partially open" position! We have installed "D Rings" on the top front edge of the cover (on both the passenger and driver's side), so with bungee cords (that you provide), you are able to secure the cover in a partially open position and travel with it this way! (NOTE: There are pictures and details of this on the "Installation" page of this website. Once at this page, simply scroll down and you will see the pictures demonstrating this feature!).

  • Does the cover rattle, shutter, or make any noise when going down the road?
    Absolutely not! As each panel securely and snugly latches to the bed, there is no rattling or noise at all associated with this cover!

  • Does this cover work with "over the rail" toolboxes?
    Unfortunatley not. Each cover is designed to fit a full and open truck bed perfectly.

  • Does this cover work with toolboxes that are down inside the bed?
    Yes - As long as the toolbox is a minimum of 1 1/2 inches below the side rails, the cover will fit perfectly.


Click Here to see The BAKFlip Tonneau Cover  Open and Close! (short demo video on YouTube).  For More Details see Installation Page!

  • How long does it take to install a cover?
    Professional installers - 20 minutes. Average consumer 30-45 minutes.

  • I have a sprayed-in a bedliner that goes over the side rails. Do I need to make any modifications to my bedliner or truck before installing the cover?
    None whatsoever. The cover and hardware will fit perfectly on top of all sprayed in bedliners without any modifications to your truck or the bedliner!

  • I have diamond plate side rail covers. Can this cover be installed over diamond plate side rail covers or do I need to remove them?
    No. The rails cannot attain a good weather resistant seal against diamond plate bed caps.

  • I have a plastic bedliner in my truck. Do I have to make any modifications to the bedliner to install the cover?
    That depends on what type of plastic bedliner you have (see below): IF YOUR PLASTIC BEDLINER GOES UNDER THE SIDE RAILS (but goes up and over the front rail and tailgate): NO PROBLEM! You will not need to make any adjustments to the plastic bedliner to install this cover. IF YOU HAVE A TAILGATE PROTECTOR: Tailgate protectors do not present any problem for this cover. Whether you have a factory installed or an aftermarket tailgate protector or if your tailgate liner comes over the top edge of your tailgate, none of these will present a problem when installing the cover. IF YOUR PLASTIC BEDLINER GOES OVER THE SIDE RAILS: YOU MUST MODIFY YOUR BEDLINER to install this cover! Some retailers simply say "fits on all bedliners!" This is not the straight up truth. This cover will fit if you carve 3 holes in each side to be able to clamp the rails to the bed. What we have found is that no matter how neat we do this, it always looks shabby. As a result, the best recommendation and the bottom line is that we strongly recommend that you trim the portion of the bedliner that comes over the side rails so that the side wall of the plastic bedliner goes up to and UNDER the rail, but not over the side rail. The reason for this is that over-the-rail bedliners prevent you from being able to clamp the hardware to the side rails as they cover them up. These side rails need to be trimmed off so that the RollBak Tonneau's side mounting rails can be clamped to the inside lip of the side rail. If you are making this adjustment, this is a great opportunity for you to convert your over-the-rail plastic bedliner into an under-the-rail bedliner (where the liner only overlaps the front rail and the tailgate edge)! These over-the-side rail bedliners must be cut back so not to interfere with the truck's original side rails. To cut the liner's rail covers off is a fairly simple and straightforward process that allows the secure installation of the mounting rails to your truck rails. To request that the customer trim these plastic side rail covers off of your one-piece liner is not a unique request. To ensure a weather resistant barrier with the installation of any tonneau cover, and to be able to clamp the mounting brackets onto the side rails, you must remove the part of the bedliner that covers the side rails. PLEASE DO NOT CUT OFF THE PORTION OF THE BEDLINER THAT COVERS THE FRONT RAIL OR TAILGATE. PROCESS OF TRIMMING an Over the Rail Bedliner is as follows: To cut the liner, this is a fairly simple process that requires you to slide the one-piece liner out of the bed, then clamp a straight edge along the line where you wish to cut the cover (right at or just below the rail, not above it). From there, a jigsaw with a fine blade works great and you simply follow the straight edge with the saw. Any burs or rough edges can be smoothed out with a file or sandpaper. Others are successful using the same straight edge tactic from outside of the liner using a razor knife. They remove the liner from the truck, and from outside of the liner, they use a razor knife to cut the rail off. The most preferred method is to use a jigsaw.

  • Question: Do the factory installed plastic side rail covers that came with my truck (i.e, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet/GMC, 06+ Dodge, etc.) need to be removed?
    Absolutely Not! You can install the cover directly on top of ALL OEM factory rails with NO modification whatsoever.

  • Are any holes drilled in the truck?
    NO! NO HOLES ARE DRILLED INTO YOUR TRUCK! You do not need to drill anything during the installation.

  • I plan to occasionally remove the cover and put a "slide-in camper" into the truck bed. Will I need to remove the mounting rails?
    Yes. You will need to remove the mounting rails so they are not damaged by the slide-in camper. This will ensure that the mounting rails do not get damaged in any way.

  • For the Nissan TITAN with the Utili-Track System, what adjustments must be made to install this cover?
    To install the BAKFlip on the TITAN, you simply unbolt the Utili-Track, and flip the track over (with the functional side of the Utili-Track rail still facing into the bed). Flipping and re-installing the Utili-Track lowers the track by 1 inch from under the side rails which is just enough to clamp down the RollBak rails properly. NOTE: This is a wonderful feature! Many customers ask if our hardware can bolt directly into the Utili-Track system. The answer is "NO" but it gets better. If our hardware were to bolt directly into the Utili-Trac System, you would have very little (if any) usable Utili-Track area to mount other accessories. This simple "work around" allows you to simply flip the "Utili-Track" over, which lowers it by only one inch. This means that you WILL NOT LOSE any of your ability to use the Utili-Track for tie downs as the mounting rails will be clamped directly above it.

  • For the 05 thru Current new Nissan Frontier with the Utili-Track System, what adjustments must be made to install this cover?
    None. The cover installs normally just above the Utili-Track as there is just enough space above the Util-Track to do a normal installation onto the inside lip of Frontier's side rail. This leaves your Utili-Track completely open to utilize with any of your accessories.

  • Which model of this cover is the easiest to install?
    All cover installations are virtually identical. In the case of the Nissan TITAN, as described above, you need to flip the track over to have access to the side rails to clamp the side mounting rails. Aside from that, virtually all installations are identical. All of our installations are very easy to install.

  • I have diamond cut rail covers on the side rails. Can I install the cover with these in place?
    Unfortunately not. These diamond rail caps are very difficult to attain a proper weather resistant seal.

  • Does this cover work with "flip out" Bed Extenders that flip over onto the tailgate?
    Absolutely! The cover works with all Bed Extenders.


  • What is the normal delivery time to receive the cover?
    The cover ships in about 5 business days from the day you order your cover. Transit time is approximately 3-5 business days (depending one where you live.

  • How long does it typically take for the cover to ship? What is the typical transit time? What delivery service do you typically use?
    The cover typically ships in approximately 5 business days from the day of your order. We use FedEx to ship the cover. Once your cover ships, it typically takes approximately 3-5 business to receive your cover.

  • Are there additional charges to ship the cover to AK and/or HI?
    Yes...please call or email us for a shipping quote!

  • Can you ship the cover to an APO address?
    Unfortunately not. We must ship the cover directly to a physical address. The cover is too large to ship by US Mail, so we are unable to ship to an APO address.

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