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BAKFlip Tonneau
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BAKFlip G2 : Detailed Features
The BakFlip G2 hard folding aluminum tonneau covers are the best selling hard truck bed covers in the world. When it comes to a reliable hard folding tonneau, the BakFlip G2 has certainly earned it's stripes. If you're looking for a tonneau cover that's secure, good looking, low profile, easy to install, easy to operate and as functional as you could ever wish a tonneau cover to be, then the BakFlip G2 is likely your best bet. The BakFlip G2 truck bed cover is a well priced, incredibly well designed tonneau. It is tough as nails and designed to outlast your truck. The undersurface of the BakFlip G2 cover is made from tough, powder coated aluminum. All critical components are attached to the solid aluminum undersurface of the BakFlip G2 tonneau for awesome strength and longterm reliability. The BakFlip G2 will never expand or contract and provides outstanding protection against the elements, regardless of how hot or cold it is. The EPDM rubber trim on the BakFlip G2 is also designed to last a lifetime. The BakFlip G2 tonneau cover is the world's best selling hard folding tonneau cover. When it comes to installation, the BakFlip G2 simply clamps onto the truck bed with no drilling. Its custom fit follows the contours of your truck for a finished look that is elegant, understated and refined. But don't be fooled by the stealth, subtle appearance of the BakFlip G2. This tonneau cover is a monster of a cover that will certainly exceed your expectations on all fronts.
Clamps On With No Drilling:  The BakFlip G2 requires no drilling. It easily clamps on with a 9/16 wrench.
Integrated D-Rings:  The BakFlip G2 has integrated D-rings, which allow you to drive with the tonneau cover in incremental positions.
Lock Tailgate for Ultimate SecurityAll G2 latches are concealed under the tonneau cover. Just lock your tailgate for ultimate security.
Locks in Full Open Position:   The BakFlip G2 locks in the full open position against the back of your cab.  Rubber bumpers ensure that hard surfaces of the cover never come in contact with your truck while at the same time protecting your cab from impact and allows you to drive with the cover open at freeway speeds.
Works with BakBox: The aluminum panel construction of the BakFlip G2 is the same as the substructure of the BakBox toolbox. The two products are a perfect seamless match.  (Note:  BAKBox is purchased separately)
Click Here to see a short video of the BAKFlip Open and Close! (short demo video on YouTube)
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Installation Page!


Panel exterior:   Aluminum

Panel core:        EPS (expanded polystyrene) - The same core in most surfboards

Panel frames:    Aircraft grade aluminum / black powder coat

Finish:                Hair Cell Textured

Thickness:         1/2 inch (OD)

Hinge:                 Rounded STyle Corrosion proof EPDM rubber

Weight rating:    400 LBS. - evenly distributed

Size of box:        68x23x8 (inches) – Note;  If Bed longer than 5.5 ftee, then rails will ship in separate box.

Weight of box:   55 LBS

Install tools:        1 x 15mm (9/16") wrench

Maintenance:     Wash normally with soap and water. 

Warranty:           1 year



·         Intermittent locking positions.

·         Drive with the BakFlip G2 tonneau cover fully or partially open.

·         Integrated drainage system built into the rails.

·         No drill installation.

·         Removes in seconds.

·         Allows full access to stake pockets.

·         Works with 5th wheel hitches.

·         Works with all sprayed on bedliners and bed extenders.

·         Works with all “under the side rail” plastic bedliners

·         Panels Latch automatically.

·         With your tailgate closed and locked, you have absolute security.


  • All Panels flip open in the same direction to reveal 100% of the bed if desired
  • The cover folds in one direction and folds ALL THE WAY FORWARD and all panels lock into place against the back of the cab against the rear window! 
  • This gives you access to virtually all of your truck bed without removing the cover!
  • When cover is folded up against the rear window, it protects your rear truck glass from any damage caused by loading heavy objects into bed.  
  • You can unlatch the cover from both the Driver's Side and Passenger one person can stand on either side of the truck and open the cover!
    • NOTE:  With the BAKFlip G2 you CAN TRAVEL WITH PARTIALLY OPEN COVER - The G2 Cover now has D rings on the top front edge of the cover!  With your bungee cord, you can now secure the cover partially open!


  • The BAKFlip is built from extremely tough, textured ALL METAL aluminum surface that are coated first with a double coat of epoxy primer and baked at 460 degrees.  Then these panels are coated with a beautiful satin black industrial polyester finish that is extremely resistant to fading, cracking, and scratching.
  • All panels are cut using "CNC" controls, which are computer guided controls that ensure that your cover, panels, and rails are cut precisely at the correct curvature and angle matching the structure and shape of your truck bed perfectly!  This ensures a perfect and customized fit on every truck.
  • The core between the two textured aluminum surface panel sheets is an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core.  This is the same material that is used as the cover of a surfboard!  This means that the structural interior of the cover is lightweight, rigid and impervious to water!  Should water ever find its way into the center of the panel (which would be really difficult), it will never deteriorate from the inside as it is unaffected by moisture, so it will never deteriorate or delaminate as a result! 
  • All Panels fold up in one direction! 

CONSTRUCTION: (continued...)

  • Panel designs are custom cut to fit every contour of your truck bed!  This means that each cover fits the inside of your truck bed perfectly!
  • Living Hinge Design - Revolutionary "living hinge" system was developed to ensure water resistance.  Each living hinge consists of a seamless EPDM flexible rubber covering over rigid aluminum supports.  The flexibility of the rubber is what allows the cover to fold easily without a traditional hinge design!  EPDM is the same high quality rubber that is used as your weatherstripping on the doors of your vehicle. 
  • Tough Rubber Bumpers on cover allows you to rest cover against back cab of truck without any risk of scratching your back glass or cab!  (when fully open).
  • Rubber bumpers placed strategically on latches of each panel so when cover folded together there is no chance of latches or the cover being scratched.
  • Can withstand over 200 lbs of evenly distributed weight.
  • Panels flip open to reveal 100% of the bed if desired (protecting your rear window from cargo damage).
  • Cover closely resembles factory textures of side rail covers, tailgate protectors, door handles, bumper trim, and side view mirrors.  


  • Entirely "Clamp on" Installation - NO DRILLING.
  • An average of 3 "Self Backing" Clamps on each side to hold the side mounting rails in place...that's it!   Cover installs in less than 30 minutes.
  • The Self Backing Clamps require only 1 wrench to install clamps (no backup wrench is needed as it is self tightening!) 


  • Absolutely all season friendly - Resistant to rain, snow and the elements
  • Handles all snow and ice with ease as the cover can withstand over 200 lbs of evenly distributed weight
  • Instead of using leaky piano hinges, the panels are interconnected with a revolutionary "living hinge" system that consists of a seamless EPDM flexible rubber covering supported rigid aluminum supports.  This cover is built to outlast your truck and is designed to be very "Weather Tight!" EPDM is the same high quality rubber that is used as your weatherstripping on the doors of your vehicle. 
  • The panels do not shrink or expand when the temperature shifts!


  • To remove, simply fold up all the way to the cab, loosen 2 Fastening Knobs that hold the cover in place and pop off the struts and the cover is off the truck in about 2 minutes! 


  • Panels automatically latch to both sides of your truck bed!  When your tailgate is closed and now have a very secure trunk!!
  • Individual panels latch to the bed - so when the cover is closed all panels are tightly secured to the truck bed.


  • The same key that locks and unlocks your tailgate is the key that gives you access to the cover!  The cover latches from underneath, so without access to the bottomside of the cover, you cannot open it!  This means that the same key that locks and unlocks your tailgate is the key that gives you access to your cover!


  •  The cover is completely flat and virtually level with the truck bed so it is almost invisible when viewing from the side!  The textured proprietary hard paneled surface panels have an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core.  This cover has the look, texture, and quality that perfectly matches the trim on your truck!!


  • The BAKFlip does not interfere with stake hole pockets on your truck, so this cover works perfectly with side rails, heachache racks, tie downs, and overhead truck racks!


  •   It's completely flat, and much more sleek in profile than more bulkier fiberglass covers!  "It Looks Factory!!"


  • Unparalleled Strength, Security and Durability at a fraction of the weight and cost of a fiberglass cover!


  • When eliminates wind drag for improved fuel economy and will get you as much as 11% better gas mileage!

Simply the Most Versatile Truck Bed Cover

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