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BAKFlip Tonneau Covers : Installation


Note:  ALL BAKFLIP MODELS install and function identically!  The primary difference from one model to the other is cover thickness, and surface material. 

Click Here to see a brief YouTube Installation Video of The BAKFlip Tonneau Cover! 


2009 thru 2010+ DODGE RAM CREW CAB with RAMBOX (NEW!)  - this is a BRAND NEW Release!  If you have the Dodge RAM with the RAMBOX, Click Here for Details
2002 thru 2010 Chevy Avalanche (NEW!) - For more details about installation...  Click Here to see an installation video of the BAKFlip on the Chevy Avalanche! 
2007+ TOYOTA TUNDRA - If you do not have a deck rail system, then a normal installation. If you have the Deck Rail System,  we provide a system that lowers the deck rail approximately 2 inches. Click Here for Details
2007+ TOYOTA TUNDRA - If you do not have a deck rail system, then a normal installation. If you have the Deck Rail System,  we provide a system that lowers the deck rail approximately 2 inches. Click Here for Details
2005+ HONDA RIDGELINE - Your cover installs directly into your bed.  IMPORTANT NOTE: SEE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS SPECIFIC TO THE HONDA RIDGELINE INSTALLATION AND OPERATION!  Detailed FAQ's and other information specific to the Honda Ridgeline are at the bottom of this page. Click Here for Specific Installation Instructions
2005+ TOYOTA TACOMA - The covers have specially made hardware that fits directly into the Deck Rail System without any modifications to your truck.  Basically the same installation as below, except the side rails bolt directly into the Deck Rail System.  Click Here for Details
2004+ NISSAN TITAN with Utili-Track - Adjustments required to install cover described below.
2005+ NISSAN FRONTIER OWNERS (05+ with Utili-Track) -
NO ADJUSTMENTS REQUIRED! - Cover installs normally as you clamp the mounting rails to the inside lip of the side rails just above the Utili-Track!

SEE INSTALLATION FAQ's at the bottom of the page for answers to virtually all of your installation questions!


BAKFlip G2 Installation Manual

Required Tools:

One Crescent Wrench or Socket Set

Contents of package(s):
NOTE:  Covers for a 5.5 ft. bed or shorter ship in 1 package.  Longer Beds ship in 2 Packages (1 package for cover and 1 for rails)

Your rails have pre-installed components on them such as locking arm stays, extension plates and drain valves.  Your rails are pre-assembled, and pre-drilled (for fastener knobs) and ready to install.
Qty:   6 Clamps.  Or 8 clamps for 8 Ft. (Long) Bed Trucks.
Qty:  1 Optional Pack of Shims - for only trucks that need them
Click Here for Shim Positioning Guide

Qty: 2  Rails with Attached Drain Valves.

                             Qty:  1 BAKFlip G2 Cover

Your cover is completely pre-assembled.  Once your rails are installed, you simply attach the cover to the mounting rails. 

Qty:  2 Elevator Bolts with Fastening Knobs
Qty:  2 Arm Stay Locks with Fastening Knobs
     Qty:  2 Drain Tubes

Step 1.  Clamp Mounting Rails to Inside Lip Of Truck's Side Rails

Please note that some trucks have inner rails that taper. This will cause your rails to tilt once clamped.  To avoid tilting rails, shims with self adhesive tape have been provided.  Peel and stick to the inner lip of your truck rails before you clamp the rails down.  Use a shim wherever you position a clamp.
  To determine if your truck requires shims, Click Here

Attach your rails to the truck using the provided clamps. There is no exact area to position the clamps so simply space them evenly apart. Make sure the rails are all the way forward, as close to the cab as possible. 

Step 2: Positioning the cover on your rails:

Position your BakFlip cover firmly on your rails and fold back towards tailgate to ensure proper fit.

Begin at the front end and slowly fold the cover back towards the tailgate. Make sure that the rubber lip at the front of your cover fits on top of the bulkhead rail of your truck and that the rubber seal at the tailgate end fits over the top edge of your tailgate.

When you close the cover for the first time as you fold it backwards, you will notice that the latches under the panels will latch to the rails that the cover is sitting on. Make sure that they do in deed latch. Centralize the cover if necessary.

Step 3: Attaching the Cover to the Rails

Once you’re comfortable that the cover is fitting correctly inside of your truck rails, it’s time to bolt the cover down. Take the 2 provided flat headed elevator bolts and drop them through the hole in the front panel of your cover. The bolt will also drop through slotted hole of the plate that extends out each rail.

Once the bolt is in place, fold the cover open again. You can only fold the panels by releasing the latches that keep them down. Do so by pulling on the cable under the panel. This can be done from either the driver or passenger side of the cover.
Once the bolt is in place, open tailgate and begin the process of carefully folding the cover open again.  You can only fold the panels by releasing the latches that keep them down.  To release latches, pull on the cable under the rearmost panel (this can be done from either the driver or passenger side of the cover).  When the cover is folded forward, tighten elevator bolts with star knobs.
  Do not over-tighten the knobs. Tighten them until you feel they are firm.

Step 4: Connecting The Drain Tubes

If you have a drop in bedliner, simply run the drain tubes behind or under the liner. Alternatively you will need to locate the best place to drain the hoses. Most trucks have drain plugs on the floor or against the cab. Simply remove these plugs or drill a ¾” hole through the plastic plug.

Step 5:  Attaching Arm Stay Locks so you Can Travel with the Cover Open


Driving with the cover in the open position

   1.  Assemble arm stay locks by sliding them into the vertical plates and inserting the securing knob onto threaded bolt

2.  The securing knob should pass through the long slot and should be able to slide up and down.  Tightening the knob will keep the stay lock in position.

Your rails have pre-installed components on them such as locking arm stays, extension plates and drain valves. Your rails are pre-assembled and ready to install

This is a side view of your locking arms once in place.

With the New BAKFlip G2 Cover, you can now secure your cover in the "partially open" position! We have installed "D Rings" on the top front edge of the cover (on both the passenger and driver's side), so with bungee cords (that you provide), you are able to secure the cover in a partially open position and travel with it this way!

Top View of "D Rings" on Top Front Edge of Cover.
  • Are any holes drilled in the truck?
    Absolutely NOT! This is a completely "Drill-Less" installation. No drilling required. Period!
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  • How long does it take to install a cover?
    Professional installers as fast as 10 minutes. Average consumer 30 minutes.
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  • Does this cover work with "flip out" Bed Extenders that flip over onto the tailgate?
    Absolutely! The cover works with all Bed Extenders.
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  • Do the factory installed plastic side rail covers that came with my truck (i.e, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet/GMC, 06+ Dodge, etc.) need to be removed?
    Absolutely Not! You can install the cover directly on top of ALL OEM factory rails with NO modification whatsoever.
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  • I have a Chevy/GMC (or Dodge) with an Oversized Tailgate Protector that is flat on the top and comes off of the back of the truck a couple of inches. Will I need to remove this?
    Absolutely not! The cover sits on top of these bed protectors perfectly, so you do not have to make any modifications to your tailgate protector at all!
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  • I have a sprayed-in a bedliner that goes over the side rails. Do I need to make any modifications to my bedliner or truck before installing the cover?
    If you have sprayed on bedliner, this is absolutely no problem! Just simply install as you normally would (directly on top of your sprayed on bedliner). NO modifications are necessary as the cover works with ALL spray on liners or plastic side rails.
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  • For the Nissan TITAN with the Utili-Track System, what adjustments must be made to install this cover?
    To install the BAKFlip on the TITAN, you simply unbolt the Utili-Track, and flip the track over (with the functional side of the Utili-Track rail still facing into the bed). Flipping and re-installing the Utili-Track lowers the track by 1 inch from under the side rails which is just enough to clamp down the RollBak rails properly. NOTE: This is a wonderful feature! Many customers ask if our hardware can bolt directly into the Utili-Track system. The answer is "NO" but it gets better. If our hardware were to bolt directly into the Utili-Trac System, you would have very little (if any) usable Utili-Track area to mount other accessories. This simple "work around" allows you to simply flip the "Utili-Track" over, which lowers it by only one inch. This means that you WILL NOT LOSE any of your ability to use the Utili-Track for tie downs as the mounting rails will be clamped directly above it.
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  • For the 05 thru Current new Nissan FRONTIER with the Utili-Track System, what adjustments must be made to install this cover?
    None. The cover installs normally to the side rail and has enough room to clamp the hardware above the Utili-Track without any modifications whatsoever! This means that this is a normal installation, PLUS your Utili-Track is completely open to install any and all of your other Utili-Track Accessories!
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  • I have diamond plate side rail covers. Can this cover be installed over diamond plate side rail covers or do I need to remove them?
    Yes. The rails cannot attain a good weather resistant seal against diamond plate bed caps.
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  • I have a plastic bedliner in my truck. Do I have to make any modifications to the bedliner to install the cover?
    That depends on what type of plastic bedliner you have (see below): IF YOUR PLASTIC BEDLINER GOES UNDER THE SIDE RAILS (but goes up and over the front rail and tailgate): NO PROBLEM! You will not need to make any adjustments to the plastic bedliner to install this cover. IF YOU HAVE A TAILGATE PROTECTOR: Tailgate protectors do not present any problem for this cover. Whether you have a factory installed or an aftermarket tailgate protector or if your tailgate liner comes over the top edge of your tailgate, none of these will present a problem when installing the cover. IF YOUR PLASTIC BEDLINER GOES OVER THE SIDE RAILS: YOU MUST MODIFY YOUR BEDLINER to install this cover! Some retailers simply say "fits on all bedliners!" This is not the straight up truth. This cover will fit if you carve 3 holes in each side to be able to clamp the rails to the bed. What we have found is that no matter how neat we do this, it always looks shabby. As a result, the best recommendation and the bottom line is that we strongly recommend that you trim the portion of the bedliner that comes over the side rails so that the side wall of the plastic bedliner goes up to and UNDER the rail, but not over the side rail. The reason for this is that over-the-rail bedliners prevent you from being able to clamp the hardware to the side rails as they cover them up. These side rails need to be trimmed off so that the BAKlip's side mounting rails can be clamped to the inside lip of the side rail. If you are making this adjustment, this is a great opportunity for you to convert your over-the-rail plastic bedliner into an under-the-rail bedliner (where the liner only overlaps the front rail and the tailgate edge)! These over-the-side rail bedliners must be cut back so not to interfere with the truck's original side rails. To cut the liner's rail covers off is a fairly simple and straightforward process that allows the secure installation of the mounting rails to your truck rails. To request that the customer trim these plastic side rail covers off of your one-piece liner is not a unique request. To ensure a weather resistant barrier with the installation of any tonneau cover, and to be able to clamp the mounting brackets onto the side rails, you must remove the part of the bedliner that covers the side rails. PLEASE DO NOT CUT OFF THE PORTION OF THE BEDLINER THAT COVERS THE FRONT RAIL OR TAILGATE. PROCESS OF TRIMMING an Over the Rail Bedliner is as follows: To cut the liner, this is a fairly simple process that requires you to slide the one-piece liner out of the bed, then clamp a straight edge along the line where you wish to cut the cover (right at or just below the rail, not above it). From there, a jigsaw with a fine blade works great and you simply follow the straight edge with the saw. Any burs or rough edges can be smoothed out with a file or sandpaper. Others are successful using the same straight edge tactic from outside of the liner using a razor knife. They remove the liner from the truck, and from outside of the liner, they use a razor knife to cut the rail off. The most preferred method is to use a jigsaw. ***NOTE: Some Aftermarket Plastic Bedliners have designs that may interfere with the installation of the canister. If this happens, some trimming of the front edge of the bedliner near the cab rail may need to be done for the canister to be installed properly. To have to do this is actually a pretty rare occurrence and in most situations, your typical plastic bedliner at the front rail will not require any modification.
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  • I plan to occasionally remove the cover and put a "slide-in camper" into the truck bed. Will I need to remove the mounting rails?
    NO. You will need to remove the mounting rails so they are not damaged by the slide-in camper. This will ensure that the mounting rails do not get damaged in any way.
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  • Which model of this cover is the easiest to install?
    All cover installations are virtually identical. In the case of the Nissan TITAN, as described above, you need to flip the track over to have access to the side rails to clamp the side mounting rails. Aside from that, virtually all installations are identical. All of our installations are very easy to install.
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Thank you for your interest in a BAKFlip Tonneau Cover for your Honda Ridgeline.  For those of you who own a Honda Ridgeline, we have some great news for you!  We now have a cover available for your truck!  To CONFIRM:  This new cover is our NEW Model #26601 and it will fit the New Model 2005 thru Current Honda Ridgeline perfectly!  Your installation requires that you drill no holes into your truck bed whatsoever!!!  The system installs directly into holes that are already in the bed! 

Pictures of this New Ridgeline Cover can be seen at the following links:

BAKFLIP Ridgeline Single Page Brochure
BAKFLIP Ridgeline Construction Site
BAKFLIP Ridgeline Cover Open

Below are Some Frequently Asked Questions about the BAKFlip Cover Specific to the Honda Ridgeline:

NOTE:  To see Honda Ridgeline Installation Instructions, Click Here for Details.


Question:  The bed of the Honda Ridgeline has a slight "bow" in the side rails.  How does this cover fit these contours?
Answer:  All BAKFlip panels are "CNC" Cut (computer programmed machine cutting) where the contours of the cover are designed to exactly match the contours on the truck.  As a result, the Ridgeline cover fits your truck bed similarly as a Tupperware lid fits its corresponding bowl....Perfectly! 

Question:  Will this cover work with the factory installed bed extender?
Answer:  Absolutely!  Simply open the cover and flip the bed extender out as normal on the tailgate.  The cover's hardware does not interfere with the bed extender in any way. 

Question:  There is no place to clamp the mounting rails on the Ridgeline.  How do you install the mounting rails to the side rails?
Answer:  Inside the bed of your Ridgeline, there is a Tie Down in the front corners of the side rail, and a standalone bolt in the bed that is located on each side rail at the top inside center.  To install the BAKFlip mounting rails, simply remove these 3 bolts.  The BAKFlip mounting rail has 3 pre-drilled holes in the rail that aligns with the holes that are on your Ridgeline.  Simply put rail into position and tighten bolts back into place.  Note:  This mounting rail which has been specifically designed for the Ridgeline and has a high quality rubber seal under mounting rail that is "sandwiched" between the mounting rail and the rail of the Ridgeline so no water can penetrate when installed! 

Question:  My Ridgeline does not have a locking tailgate.  How do I secure my truck bed?
Answer:  This BAKFlip model for the Ridgeline is no different from our other models in this regard as the cover latches and securely "locks" to the top of the bed, but it does not lock the tailgate.  Dynolock offers 2 styles of electric locks for the Ridgeline that secures the tailgate closed.  Details and purchase information can be found by going to the following link:

NOTE:  We are in no way affiliated with Dynolock nor are we specifically requiring you to use this lock system.  This is the only lock that we have been able to find that works with the unique Honda Ridgeline Tailgate (that opens 2 different ways).  Other options may well be available, so should you find another option that you like better, feel free to install the best locking option for your vehicle. 

Question:  Does the BAKFlip affect the "In Floor Trunk" opening?
Answer:   As you can see by Clicking Here, the picture will show you that the BAKFlip has a negligible effect on the opening of the "In Floor Trunk" on the Ridgeline. 

Question:  Does Ridgeline BAKFlip fold up and out of the way towards the cab of the truck?
Answer:  Absolutely.  To make the handling of the cover easier from the outside of the truck, the first "installation" panel (the first panel right behind the cab of the truck that does not open) comes back to meet the exact point where the gradient of the body meets the side rail (The "V" point and the front sides of the bed).  This placement allows you to open the cover all the way open from the side of the truck without having to get into the bed of the truck!  In addition, the cover folds towards the back glass/rear cab of the truck and is secured in that "fully open" position with the locking arms. 

Question:  Is this cover easily removable?
Answer:  Yes!  Just like all of our BAKFlip covers, you simply fold the cover all the way forward, loosen up the fastening knobs the front corners and the cover easily lifts up and off of the truck.  To reinstall the cover, simply reverse this procedure.

Question:  On the photo...I see a small ridge higher than the tailgate?  What is this?
Answer:  As you have probably noticed, the top of the tailgate on your Ridgeline is lower than the side rails.  When you install the BAKFlip cover, when closing the rearmost panel, the bottom of this panel barely touches the top of the tailgate.  To prevent water from entering where the cover meets the tailgate, there is a rubber sweep that runs the entire width of the BAKFlip's rear panel (side to side) that slightly overlaps the top of the tailgate.  This allows water to drain off the cover and off the back of the truck without getting into bed at the tailgate edge.  The cover's features in combination with the inherent design of the Ridgeline, which uses the natural angle of the bed to push water towards the back edge of the truck, makes the BAKFlip cover for this truck the most water-tight BAKFlip we make.


Simply the Most Versatile Truck Bed Cover

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